C35 is a proprietary algorithm that trades qualified volitility breakout signals

C35 algorithm is traded as a portfolio of 34 CME commodity markets as follows 

Currencies 6A 6B 6C 6E 6J 6S DX                      CME FX

Energy       CL HO NG RB                                    CME Energy

Financials   ZB ZN                                                CME Financials

Grains         ZC ZL ZM ZO ZS ZW                        CME Grains

Meats          GF LH LE                                          CME Livestock

Metals          GC HG SI                                         CME Metals

Softs            CC CT KO OJ SB                             CME Softs

Stocks          ES NQ TF YM                                  CME Stocks

Trades are usually held overnight and can last from one day to several days
Account size is based on $100,000 due to margin requirements with the CME 
C35 system trades two contracts per entry signal with strict initial stop loss and profit targets for each contract
C35 stysem can easily be scaled up to accomodate multiple contracts per signal based on account size
In addition traders with smaller account sizes may utilize signals to trade mini contracts